Tani USA Men’s Underwear Review

Tani USA Men’s Underwear Review

September 14, 2018 Off By speaking

Who is Tani USA?

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Tani USA describe themselves as the world’s best and most comfortable unisex underwear.

The brand was founded in 2013, and they have since carved out a niche in the high-end undergarment industry. Their main point of difference is in their use of new and innovative fabrics.

Tani describes the SilkCuts to be their “best men’s boxer briefs”. They’re the only briefs I’ve tried from the brand, so this claim is difficult for me to judge. But they do feel great.

The briefs are available in a selection of tasteful geometric prints and patterns, all of which I wouldn’t feel bad about wearing if my Grandmother bought them for me for Christmas.

Tani SilkCut Printed Boxer Brief


  • 94% European knitted Micro Modal® AIR fabric (claimed to be thinner, finer and more durable than silk) / 6% Elastane.
  • Naturally wicking fabric which is naturally made and biodegradable.


  • Form-fitting with no noticed reduction of elasticity after weeks of wear.
  • Extremely comfortable both to wear and to touch.
  • Durable, with no noticeable change to the fabric after several washes.


  • At $45 per pair these are not cheap.
  • Only six colors available, but they’re all nice to look at.
  • A note for our stockier brothers: one of our readers mentioned that the XL size did not fit him comfortably at all (six foot, 200 pounds and 38 inch waist).


The Breeze Laid Back Linen Lounge Shorts

So, you know how you always find yourself rifling through your clothes desperately looking for your favorite ‘lazing around the house’ shorts?

Well, these have quickly become mine. Yep, 2009 yellow gym shorts, you’ve been benched.

Tani’s lounge shorts are so lightweight you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything at all. And while my girlfriend may protest, that’s just the way I like to feel in the comfort of my own home.

Tani Breeze Laid Back Linen Lounge Shorts


  • 100% Linen Yarn Dye (Grey in color).
  • String tied with side pockets.


  • Super lightweight and breezy.
  • Moisture absorbent (these are definitely going into my backpack for my next pool party).
  • They’re so comfortable, they’ll quickly become your go-to for around-the-house-wear.


  • It may be tough for some to rationalize the cost for something so lightweight.
  • Only one color available (more available in cotton or silk).


The FreeForm Cotton Tank

The final Tani piece I’ve been rocking lately is the FreeForm Cotton Tank. And when I say rocking, I mean around the house.

You see, I’m not much of an undershirt guy. But if I was, I’d be looking for something breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

And much like the other Tani offerings I’ve tried, their tank certainly fits that bill.

Tani FreeForm Cotton Tank


  • 86% Extra Long Staple Cotton (Sea Islands) / 14% Elastane.
  • No hem or binding and crafted specifically to not unravel or roll.


  • Extremely form fitting with the fabric not losing shape after four to five wears and as many washes.
  • Highly luxurious feel to the fabric.


  • Again on price, at $55 this won’t be the cheapest tank in your closet.
  • When I wore it as an undershirt, I could very faintly see the lining under a dark business shirt, but I was looking intently—you’d have to know the undershirt was there to notice.

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